31 5 / 2012

The Contortionist - Intrinsic

We love The Contortionist. They were one of our favorite bands of 2010 and it was an honor to work with them on the artwork for their debut release. So when we were asked to once again create artwork for their upcoming release you can imagine our excitement. Working with the band is a treat because they know what they are going for visually and provide some killer feedback but also trust us to do our thing. After our initial conversations we knew this art was going to differ anyting we have done in the past and the end results is one of our favorite pieces yet. Though we haven’t heard the new album yet (releasing July 17th, 2012 via eOne Music/Good Fight Music) we know it’s going to again be on constant rotation much like their debut. Big thanks to the band, Jason @StrongHQ and Carl @GoodFight for the opportunity to work with them again on yet another killer release.