15 2 / 2013

Full Of War


It was great getting our hands dirty working on Condition's latest album 'Full Of War'. From the beginnging we all saw eye to eye with how we wanted to approach the art for this album cycle and what a great album it is. Paradox and duality were the 2 keywords that we played off of when putting our ideas down on paper. What we came up with was the perfect combination of those 2 words. The collage represents the flash or visual interpretation that one might see in their mind once looking or taking a Rorschach Test. Every piece of the collage is very anonymous, not putting any emphasis on any characteristics and in turn not giving a face to anyone/anything. The reasoning here is that since your only asked to look at the Rorschach ink blot for a short amount of time you mind has to process or interpret something very quickly. This collage is the snapshot of the mind's process.


Along with some killer typography from our good friend Dan Bradley and a killer new symbol created by the band we couldn’t be happier with how this package came out and all of the elements that go along with it.


Exacto blades, glue sticks, random found images and some of my children’s art went into creating these images and we had a great time working on this project. Be sure to check out the album when it’s available from Good Fight Music on March, 26. Conditions wrote a killer record and we’re stoked to lend a hand with the visuals.

31 10 / 2012

Dark Prayers Handblown and Custom Etched Black Glassware Set

Dark arts, black magic, the occult, secret societies - some would say these nefarious entities are the lifeblood of the world we know. Not popular conversation for those who fear the unknown or choose not to question the questionable, however, we raise a glass and gesture a silent but appreciative toast to these benefactors of the underground and above profound. Hence our purpose of creating this limited edition glassware set. An homage to the true creators of fear and darkness, order and chaos. The factors that shape our reality, keep relentless prosperity alive, and help us see another day.

Dark Prayers is a very limited custom, hand-blown black glassware set from the creative team at Forefathers Group. Everything within this set is carefully crafted and handmade down to the finest details. Nothing has been mass produced. The glassware set is a limited edition run of only 21 available for purchase. The set includes two hand-blown scotch tumblers along with two hand-blown beer / pint glasses. Enjoy Heathen.

* Each set includes 4 glasses. 2 beer pints, 2 scotch tumblers, 4 Letterpress Coasters, and hand numbered print out of authenticity. All housed in a custom crafted and engraved wood case.
S + H not included.

*21 Sets Total For Purchase / Limited to 1 Set Per Customer.


02 10 / 2012


We just wrapped up a few killer projects for Rise Records. We were stoked when asked to work on the new Woe, Is Me layout because we are fans of the band, but it wasn’t until after our conversations with the label about the band’s vision for the art that really got us excited. The overall all theme of the album revolves around the opening track Doomsday and we were definitely inspired by the Terminator movies when creating this art.

Woe, Is Me just launched a lyric video for their latest track ‘I’ve Told You Once’ that features the album art. Definitely give it a look. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GttItGw-HVo

08 6 / 2012

Bat Out Of Hell

I Am War is the hard as nails side project of Atreyu’s Alex Varkatzas and Brandan Schieppati of Bleeding Through. We are currently working on the artwork for their debut full-length ‘Outlive You All’ in stores August 28. We just wrapped up the art for their 7 inch leading up to the full length. Be sure to check out their new song "Bat Out Of Hell", and pick up this killer album once it hits stores this summer.

31 5 / 2012

The Contortionist - Intrinsic

We love The Contortionist. They were one of our favorite bands of 2010 and it was an honor to work with them on the artwork for their debut release. So when we were asked to once again create artwork for their upcoming release you can imagine our excitement. Working with the band is a treat because they know what they are going for visually and provide some killer feedback but also trust us to do our thing. After our initial conversations we knew this art was going to differ anyting we have done in the past and the end results is one of our favorite pieces yet. Though we haven’t heard the new album yet (releasing July 17th, 2012 via eOne Music/Good Fight Music) we know it’s going to again be on constant rotation much like their debut. Big thanks to the band, Jason @StrongHQ and Carl @GoodFight for the opportunity to work with them again on yet another killer release.

29 5 / 2012

Check out this amazing promo for Los Angeles based food truck ‘Trailer Park Truck’. Branding, Truck wrap and website provided by yours truly

17 5 / 2012

Logo we created for Vintage Industrial turned into Metal plated business cards. Unreal! Also check out the works of Vintage Industrial, http://shop.retro.net/

Logo we created for Vintage Industrial turned into Metal plated business cards. Unreal! Also check out the works of Vintage Industrial, http://shop.retro.net/

16 5 / 2012

Fire From The Sky

Shadows Fall

Check out the new album 'Fire From The Sky' from Shadows Fall that we had the pleasure of laying out. Pick It Up Today!

02 4 / 2012

Tarot - A Free Wallpaper Pack

Introducing our free Tarot Wallpaper Pack, a little gift from us to you. Inspired by the Major and Minor Arcana cards of the tarot deck you will find Ace Of CupsThree of SwordsThe Temptress, and The Fool. You can Preview All 4 Wallpapers Here.

Illustrations done by the one and only Dan Gretta. Enjoy!

.Zip Files Include: 
2560 x 1440
1920 x 1200
1680 x 1050
1440 x 900
1280 x 800
iPad Retina


05 3 / 2012

Did some illustration work last month for HeadQuarters Gentlemen’s Club NYC @dennisrodman approves of it.

Did some illustration work last month for HeadQuarters Gentlemen’s Club NYC @dennisrodman approves of it.